Dentro do mercado, a prática de avaliação 360º é comum para manter um alto nível de excelência na execução das atividades. Mesmo sendo algo existente na maioria dos bancos, cada um possui suas políticas e formas para executar suas ações, e devido a esse fato fica palpável especular que eles seguem as mesmas diretrizes.

Veja abaixo como um banco de Wall Street avalia seus piers em 3 dimensões: Inteligência Emocional, Atitude e Habilidades.

Inteligência Emocional:

  • Raw intelligence - grasp complex concepts quickly 

  • Quantitative Skill - has an aptitude for numbers & financial concepts

  • Analytic Skill - comprehends & defines problems; logical reasoning 

  • Intellectual Curiosity - has passion for learning 

  • Innovation / Creativity - thinks "outside the box"

  • Self Confidence - has strong belief in own abilities 

  • Maturity - takes thoughtful approach, based upon self knowledge

  • Risk-Oriented - sees opportunity in ambiguous environment 

  • Work Ethic - Values hard work; accepts responsibility

  • Tenacity - is persistent in attaining goals


  • Presence - makes a strong, positive impression quickly

  • Enthusiasm - has positive attitude; willingness to accept tasks and projects

  • Leadership - takes control in unstructured situations; effectively communicates opinions on a regular basis

  • Communication - conveys information clearly and concisely with a thoughtful approach 

  • Integrity - demonstrates absolute honesty

  • Adaptable / flexible - able to work in different working conditions 

  • Resilience - bounces back from adversity

  • Initiative / Self-Starter - entrepreneurial in nature 

  • Ambition - has the determination and drive to succeed

  • Team player - works effectively with others toward a common goal



  • Accounting - understands and properly interprets financial statements 

  • Business Judgment - thoroughly evaluates risks and opportunities

  • Computer - uses requisite software, constructs appropriate models

  • Planning - manages time well; prioritizes appropriately

  • Written Communication - prepares concise, organized documents 

  • Informed - maintains accurate records of business matters; well informed with project activity

  • Desire to work in the industry

  • Knowledge of markets

  • Knowledge of and commitment to Bank

  • Goals - has clear, realistic career goals

Fonte: Um Banco de Wall Street 

Client Check List

          O sucesso para qualquer negócio é a satisfação de seu cliente com sua execução e acompanhamento junto a ele. No universo do Investment Banking não é diferente, e visando esse pensamento um banco de Wall Street criou uma "Client Check List" para seus funcionários manterem um elevado padrão de atendimento. E agora vocês terão o privilegio de conhecer esse manual.


  1. Interact at least once a week

  2. Understand what shareholders thinks of your client

  3. Know the bank's market share of your client's fee pool by product

  4. Tell your clients things they don't already know; be helpful

  5. Be relevant, focus on strategy and financing needs

  6. Involve everyone in the bank who can add value to your client 

  7. Listen to your client

  8. Know what's on the mind of Chairmen, CEOs and CFOs

  9. Know your clients personally

  10.  Keep telling the story!

Fonte: Um Banco de Wall Street